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"There can be no progress in the absence of change."

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The Absurdity of Compromise

People think compromise is a good thing. How can anything be “good” that pushes everyone involved to sacrifice something they value?

The Injustice of Justice

The Injustice of Justice is a purposeful book designed to introduce the public as well as the profession to an alternate method of policing with a whole-community and responsibility-based approach.

Donald Grady II, PhD

Donald Grady is world renowned as a creative, innovative public-safety executive and reputed expert in the design and implementation of social reforms. He's a master facilitator in dispute resolution, employment agreements, hostage negotiations, and was selected to help mediate crises in places like Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, and Iraq. He's served as Senior Police Advisor to the Minister of Interior of Iraq, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), the Palestinian Authority Police, and Chief of Police for the City of Santa Fe, and other communities in the U.S. Don continues to consult, lecture, and speak when requested.



One mission one team! Donald Grady is a dynamic, entertaining, and persuasive presenter who’s renowned for exceeding the expectations of his audiences. He’s created one of the most innovative strategies for interpersonal interaction and combined it with the best contemporary management philosophies to create a dynamic, holistic, open-systems approach to work place synergy. [LEARN MORE]

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