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Donald Grady has spent his working life using the principles outlined in this book. He is world renowned as a creative innovative public safety entrepreneur and a reputed expert in the design and implementation of public safety reforms. Don has negotiated and/or facilitated agreements both domestically and in sensitive post-conflict environments. He’s served as Senior Police Advisor for the Minister of Interior of Iraq, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), and the Palestinian Authority Police. Don developed a prototypical multi-ethnic democratic police service for the Municipality of Brcko in Bosnia-Herzegovina and was responsible for the development of and implementation of the International Police reentry plan for the United Nations International Police Mission in Kosovo. He has conducted operational readiness assessments for the national police of several countries, and has provided consultations for universities, municipalities, and public safety organizations around the globe.

Dr. Grady is the author of The Injustice of Justice, The Absurdity of Compromise, and a case study of Resistance to Change in the Santa Fe Police Department. He has a Ph.D. in Administration and Management and has completed studies at several domestic and international senior management institutes.

He was Chief of Police for the City of Santa Fe, in New Mexico and several other agencies. He’s been an adjunct professor and continues to speak publicly and as a guest lecturer. Don also served as a commissioned and non-commissioned officer in the United States Armed Services.

Books by Donald

The Absurdity of Compromise​

People think compromise is a good thing. How can anything be “good” that pushes everyone involved to sacrifice something they value?

The Injustice of Justice

The Injustice of Justice is a purposeful book designed to introduce the public as well as the profession to an alternate method of policing with a whole-community and responsibility-based approach.

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