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One mission one team! Donald Grady is a dynamic, entertaining, and persuasive presenter who’s renowned for exceeding the expectations of his audiences. He’s created one of the most innovative strategies for interpersonal interaction and combined it with the best contemporary management philosophies to create a dynamic, holistic, open-systems approach to work place synergy. This unique approach offers significant advantages over other processes. Dr. Grady introduces several new concepts including:

  • The “Three Levels of Interpersonal Interaction”,
  • “Active Intelligent Listening” and results oriented interactions, 
  • Improvisational problem solving and how to build and sustain harmonious interpersonal relationships, and
  • The Three Ships of Success

Level Best Seminars recognizes the significance and potential for disparities that can exist between the normative and behavioral structures in any organization. That’s why it’s important to develop and enhance exceptional interpersonal communication skills. Dr. Grady has a profound respect and appreciation for diverse cultures and idioms. And that’s why he continues to develop creative entrepreneurial problem solvers who are committed to fostering the development of wholesome interpersonal relationships and innovative initiatives to keep an institution’s workforce healthy, happy, and successful. 

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