The Injustice of Justice

The Injustice of Justice is a purposeful book designed to introduce the public as well as the profession to an alternate method of policing with a whole-community and responsibility-based approach. Don has written the book from the perspective of a businessman whose interest and subsequent involvement stems first from his employee, then a compassionate and compelling group of individuals in law enforcement and our justice system.

Equal protection under the law is one of the basic premises of the American justice system. Yet many Americans feel this concept is not only elusive, but virtually impossible to attain. It’s something we hope for and work to make real. Chief Grady has given us a practical approach to seeking justice while at the same time practicing reality. His book should be a must read for courses in community-police relations and for individuals and groups who want to better understand how our criminal justice system works, what good policing is, what changes are needed, and how we can all engage in making it happen. One of the great divides in our country is how different racial, ethnic, gender and age groups view law enforcement and the criminal justice system. 

What Others
Are Saying

"Donald Grady, Ph.D. has written an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand and easy-to-decipher book that becomes more intriguing with each page. I love it!"
Danny K. Davis, Ph.D.;U.S. Representative; 7th Congressional District, Illinois
"This book was recommended years ago and today I still thank the person who recommended it. The author gives a real life look at the criminal justice system and how it impacts the lives of so many based on their social standing. It provides insight which allows you to process situations from a place of compassion and understanding. I recommend this book for anyone who seeks the ability to walk in someone else’s shoes before making a permanently life altering decision about people."
Sylvia, Amazon Reviewer
"I’ve read “The Injustice of Justice” 5 times! This book has become a necessary tool for how i carry out my duties as a police officer. The information in this book frees the police officer up from the lens of being simply and only a law enforcement officer, it sheds light on several areas of policing that if applied benefit the officer as well as the community the officer serves."
Menelek Shah, Amazon Reviewer

About the Author

Donald Grady is world renowned as a creative, innovative public-safety executive and reputed expert in the design and implementation of social reforms. He’s a master facilitator in dispute resolution, employment agreements, hostage negotiations, and was selected to help mediate crises in places like Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, and Iraq.  READ MORE ABOUT DONALD